The Haunted Way

The Haunted Way is a novel written by a friend of mine, Neil Wesson, that incorporates an actual long distance walk of approximately 30 miles.

The walk starts in Branholme, East Hull. Following the Pennine Trail out of Hull the route visits many picturesque East Yorkshire villages and the historic town of Beverely. The walk is completed by reaching the town of Brough.

From Walkington the path follows the Beverley 20 path (another LDWA anytime challange walk) to Welton, where the route incorporates the 'Welton Dale Horse shoe'.

Further walk details can be found on the official Long Distance Walking Association website where various GPS files of the walk can be downloaded (you must be a member of the LDWA to download from the site), however can also be downloaded here.

The Haunted Way book can be downloaded free from the 'obooko' or 'lulu' websites, although hard copies and also be ordered.

Book Synopsis:

When Lee, Maddie and Sarah meet in the pub to plan this years charity walk; none of them could possible know that the route they picked would course a series of strange events and encounters to talk place. Passing through many villages while on the way Maddie recounts supernatural tales in regard to each location, none of the party though could be aware that they themselves where becoming part of a bigger tale… At the end of the first days walking all three experience a strange encounter, is it heat and Maddies stories dwelling on their minds or something much more sinister..? 

A superb read and an excellent walk through East Yorkshire.

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