The Walking Cave Man Grid Hunts

The Walking Cave Man Grid Hunts

A 'grid hunt' is basically a treasury hunt where walkers called 'Hunters' find and answer clues to complete a walk with the ultimate gold of discovering the walk password.

Hunters are only given a set of clues where grid references have to be worked out and followed throughout the walk, picking up additional clues required for remaining grid references and to identify the walk password.

By only gathering the correct information can the walk be completed and the walk password being correct (in the case of The Walking Cave Man Grid Hunts, the walk password being an email address) - Only when using the correct email address will a response be received back. All successful hunters will also be added to the walks 'Hall Of Fame'.

All hunts vary in length and are therefore suitable for a range of hunting ages, from Adults to families, the differences usually being the walk length and the clues required, therefore it's best to check the details of the hunt before setting off.

All Walking Cave Man hunts come with a brief hunt description (detailing walk length, time the hunt should take and a hunt difficulty). A help sheet will also be available in case navigation goes amiss or if clue can not be worked out.  

The first Walking Cave Man Grid Hunt is now available - Check this out and give it a go. More Grid Hunts are on the way so please keep checking for updates.


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