Thixendale to Wharram Percy - The Yorkshire Wolds, East Yorkshire


The Route

This is a eight and a half mile walk visiting the wonderful village of Thixdendale and the interesting deserted medieval village of Wharram Percy (for all the history and details regarding this village please select here). 

The Main route detailed below is highlighted in BLACK however I've shown alternative routes in RED if a longer walk is preferred.

Thixendale Village
Although this walk can be started at a car park a mile from Wharram Percy itself, my recommendation would be to park within Thixendale (road side parking is available) and follow the route in a clockwise direction along well marked footpaths, taking in the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Wolds, including Deepdale, to the medieval village.

This walk meets and uses a number of East Yorkshires long distance walking routes, to which Thixdendale seems to be a hub for all of these, including The Yorkshire Wolds Way, Centenary Way and Chalklands Way – For further details regarding these routes please refer to my blog post ‘East Yorkshire Medium to Long distance paths’.

The view from Cow Wold back to Thixendale
Following the route clockwise the walk leaves Thixdendale heading up a steep climb at GR SE840 611 through Cow Wold to GR SE836 629 where the walk heads in an easterly direction passing North Plantation. The path sweeps left towards Wharram Percy following a gentle ascent down the valley at GR SE858 631 from where the medieval village church and the village lake can be seen for the first time.

Deepdale heading towards Wharram Percy
From Wharran Percy, using the public footpath to the left of the church, the route follows The Centenary Way at GR SE860 645 through Wharram Percy Wold to a Car Park close to Bella Farm. From the Car Park the walk heads south until GR SE868 634 where the route passes the southerly edge of Wharram Percy Wold heading back to Deepdale.

Path from Wharram Percy village to Bella Farm
At this point The Centenary Way can be followed all the way back to Thixendale remembering to turn left at GR SE848 628.
Wharram Percy Church
For a longer walk around this picturesque area please visit my East Yorkshire Page and (Walk No. C1 - 14.5 Miles) Millington Circular

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