Beverley Twenty Back Nine!


Depending upon the variations of the route this is a seven to nine mile circular walk, taking in the historic market town of Beverley, Walkington, Bentley and the Beverley Westwood. The walk can be started from various locations along the route, although I have described the walk from the Beverley Minster, however just as easy to start from either Walkington or the Beverley Westwood.

*Beverley Minster
The first time I walked the majority of this route was when I completed the Beverley Twenty Hike - a route from the Humber Bridge to the Beverley Minster (part 1 of the LDWA 4 walks Heritage Way) - To see more regarding these walks select the following link 'LDWA Anytime Walks'

This walk is a combination of The Beverley Twenty's two alternative routes to the finish (the Beverley Minister) splitting at Skidby, the first passing through Bentley, the other by following the more traditional route via Walkington.

From The Beverley Minster the walk heads in a southerly direction following 'Long Lane' until reaching a public footpath before a right hand bend leading to Willow Lane. Follow the footpath to GR TA039 387 where a choice of paths can be chosen by either:
  1. Crossing the railway lines and following the footpath to recross the lines at GR TA043 387 rejoining Long Lane at GR TA041 376
  2. Follow the railway lines to rejoin Long Lane at GR TA039 380 passing Black House Farm
Either way, both routes meet up on Long Lane, and should be followed until meeting up with the Beverley Twenty route at GR TA043 369 by turning right at the junction just before the Beverley Park rail crossing. The walk at this point follows the Beverley Twenty route over the A1079 (via a footbridge) towards Bentley.

Passing through Bentley, pick up the footpath at GR TA043 369 passing Sod Wall Plantation and Silver Fir Plantation meeting up with the other alternative Beverley Twenty route at Risby Park Farm that heads towards Walkington.

At GR SE998 358 take the public footpath via Walkington Plantation skirting the southern edge of the village (although Walkington is a fantastic place to visit and take lunch -  there are a couple of brilliant public houses), meeting up with the Killingwoldgraves Lane where the route heads towards Bentley Park and Moore Lane Track at GR TA009 365, which reaches it's end at Walkington Road opposite Broadgate  Farm.

Turning right over the bridge, that crosses the A1079, turn immediately left at the footpath running parallel to the A1079 until GR TA009 382 - this path leads onto the Beverley Westwood. Upon reaching the common head towards 'Black Mill', Beverley Minster should be visible, crossing the golf course (please note that walkers have the right of way and therefore no fixed footpath needs to be followed).

View of Black Mill upon reaching the Beverley Westwood
From 'Black Mill' head South East to hit the Walkington Road again, however on the same bearing, carry on a further four hundred yards to reach Keldgate Road.

On following this road it will lead directly back to the Beverley Minster and the end of the walk.

Path from Black Mill to Walkington Road

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