Top Hill Low Nature Reserve, East Yorkshire

Although this five and a half mile walk does not incorporate the rolling hills and dales of the magnificent Yorkshire Wolds this is a flat interesting walk in a relatively unknown and little walked area of East Yorkshire, four miles from Watton, which takes in two fascinating reservoirs, a water works and a nature reserve.

The area is a spider's web of footpaths and therefore the route I've detailed on the map above can easily be increased in length, giving the chance to visit more of the villages in the vicinity, such as Arram and if a longer walk is preferred Hutton Cranswick can also be included.

The first time I walked most of this route was when I completed the 23 mile Hutton Hike (part 2 of the LDWA 4 walks Heritage Way) - To see more regarding these walks please see the LDWA Anytime Walks I've completed.

For more details regarding the reservoirs, water works and nature reserves please visit the following sites:

The walk can be started at two locations where parking is available - The car park at Wilfholme Bridge (GR TA061 470) close to Three Jolly Tars Farm or at the waterworks itself (GR TA073 486).

From Three Jolly Tars Farm and crossing the bridge over Watton Beck, following the River Hull towards the first reservoir via a bridle way through Easingwold Plantation passing a number of hides positioned to get the best vantage points to observe the wild life occupying the wetlands.

*Low Top Nature Reserve

Passing the first reservoir the route continues on a straight path to the waterworks itself where the walk's other starting point at Tophill Low Bridge would start. From this point the footpath continues to Tophll Nature Reserve.

*Low Top reservoir
Passing the reserve the route meets up with the River Hull once again for a brief stretch where the river channels into the 'River Hull New Cut', a section of the water where a number of canal boats are moored. At GR TA078 505 take the footpath left passing an aqueduct until reaching GR TA072 504, taking a further left turn following a footpath heading towards Strandingholme Farm to GR TA062 495.

The route heads south until reaching Easingwold Farm passing the water works to the right onto the starting location by once again crossing the bridge at Three Jolly Tars Farm.

For further walks in the East Yorkshire area please select the link below to see my interactive walks map

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