A Risby Ramble


Although this flat six and a half mile walk can be started from a couple of locations along the route, I have chosen to set off from the charming East Yorkshire village of Walkington.

The route utilises a number of well established public footpaths and longer distance walking routes (in particular the Beverley 20 and the High Hunsley Circuit) taking in the beautiful village of Skidby. 

By following an alternative path, marked on the map above in black, the walk also passes Skidby Mill (the additional route adds a further two and a half miles to the walk).

This figure of eight walk starts at the Walkington children’s play park where parking is available (detailed on the route map) and heads in an anti clockwise direction at GR TA60168 36855. 

All Hallows Church, Walkington
The route heads west, first passing the All Hallows Church to GR SE99529 36731, taking the minor road south to Halfpenny Gate Cottage onto Risby Park Farm, passing the site of an old medieval village of Risby until meeting the Dunflat Road at GR TA00316 34674.

Looking back to Walkington from Dunflat Road
From Dunflat Road the route heads south towards Skidby following the High Hunsley Circuit, detailed on the OS map, at GR TA00681 34786 - upon reaching Skidby the walk can head back to Walkington using a footpath that skirts the north of the village and rejoins the alternative route at Church Rise (X).

Muddy path heading towards Skidby Mill
The alternative route is picked up by heading south into the village heading towards the cemetery at GR TA00966 33216. By following this footpath, ensuring to take the turn over Gallows Hill at GR TA01226 32941 the route passes the local landmark of Skidby Mill.

Skidby Mill
Leaving Skidby Mill the route follows Beverley Road back into Skidby, passing Skidby Hill Farm and turning left into the village (Main Street). Upon reaching St Michael's Parish Church the route turns right into Church Rise passing the Methodist Church, where it picks up the shorter route (X, meeting the alternative Beverley 20 route back to Dunflat Road.

St Michael's Parish Church  and ahead Church Rise to the right
Crossing Dunflat Road and walking through Fishpond Wood the route briefly meets the main road back into Walkington, although the route takes the next available footpath at GR TA01264 35836 onto Silver Fir Plantation and returning to the High Hunsley Circuit at Risby Park Farm.

Walkington Plantation
Following the footpath back to Walkington the route branches right at Halfpenny Gate Cottages to cross Walkington Plantation emerging close to All Hallows Church. By turning right the path leads back to the playing field and the car park.

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